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    Kuvings EVO 820 Evolution Slow Juicer Gun Metal Speed: about 60 revolutions per min: retains vitamins and nutrientsSolid and powerful: it adapts to all types of productsEasy cleaning240 W power


    Oscar DA 1000 Slow JuicerOne of the best multifunctional horizontal juicersProduced by Hurom known as Oscar DA 1000, Oscar Neo DA 1000 and Hurom DA 100015 to 20% more juice than from other available juicersStrong, reliable and quietSlow speed (about 60 revolutions per minute)


    Omega 8226 JuicerA single gear, Omega horizontal juicerOmega's bestsellerPressing in two stages, great efficiencyPreservation of all necessary vitamins, enzymes and micronutrients


    Angel 8500S Slow Juicer Low-speed juicer Angel Juicer 8500S Twin gear horizontal juicer: high qualityType 316 stainless steel finish: stainless steel, anti-corrosive used in medicineEffective juicing: Fruit and vegetable fibers are squeezed out and drained to obtain optimal nutritional qualityUnrivalled efficiency - 20% more juiceAutomatic shut-off -...

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